Flogging Molly

by Samuel Barker
May 9, 2001

File Under: Irish Folk/Punk
rating: A+

1) Salty Dog

2) Selfish Man

3) The Worst Day Since Yesterday

4) Every Dog Has It's Day

5) Life In Tenement Square

6) The Ol' Beggars Rush

7) The Likes Of You Again

8) Black Friday Rule

9) Grace Of God Go I

10) Devil's Dance Floor

11) These Exiled Years

12) Sentimental Johnny

13) Far Away Boys

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  • This CD led to a great deal of pain in my rear. This came from me kicking myself in the ass for not seeing Flogging Molly at Warped Tour this year. I was so upset that I missed this great band that played while I was watching the amateur skate exhibition.

    Flogging Molly is really an Irish folk band with a great edge. Instead of incorporating a second accoustic guitarist, Flogging Molly went with a fully distorted electric guitarist which gives the music a punk flare. However, in the end this is pure Irish folk with a great feel. You can picture a barroom full of friends when you listen to this album. So pop open a Guiness and enjoy the music.

    The album opens with "Salty Dog" which is a great opener. It's upbeat and fast which gets the blood flowing well. The sound quality of this album is great. This is due in large part to the tightness of the band and the mixing job done by Steve Albini. The lyrics of this song are right on with most Irish songs, dealing with drinking, being tortured, and coming through it all with a harsh attitude.

    The album takes a nice relaxing moment with "The Worst Day Since Yesterday." This is probably my favorite song on the album. It's got a great heartfelt folky feel to it.

    "Every Dog Has It's Day" is the epitomy of an Irish folk song. It's got everything you could ask for in it. Dave King's vocals are amazing throughout the entire album and shine in songs like this one.

    The most impressive song is "Grace Of God Go I." Very few vocalists are ballsy enough to do a vocal only track. This song is great. I enjoyed it so very much.

    I was totally drawn in by "These Exiled Year." It has a great sound and a wonderful feel to it. This was great song that showcased the band's great songwriting ability. I couldn't help but be moved by this track. It was a great one. Swagger is one of the best albums I've received in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. It's rare that someone can piece together a quality album of this kind. The feelings were real and the music portrayed them perfectly. This album is available from Sideonedummy Records, I strongly urge you to pick it up from them, it's worth every penny.

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