by Traci Stevens
September 6, 2001

File Under: Hard Rock
rating: C

1. Adam 3

2. One Last Shot

3. Speed And Timing

4. Drop

5. In Time

6. Captive Pursuit

7. Lost

8. In The Name Of Peace

9. Prove

10. Truth

11. Omega

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  • Upon listening to this album, I was left with a great deal of questions: Was this a concept album? Actual soundtrack? A lot of things weren't clear, but I learned this isn't an actual soundtrack, but the lyrics all seem to follow the same path, so it may be a concept album, or at least one that tells a story.

    The music is edgy and comes with a certain amount of force that makes you pay notice to it. The vocals are a bit edgy and annoying at first, but once you listen to a few songs they become as much a part of the songs as the music. This album isn't about happiness, so these abrasive vocals make the songs get their point across well.

    The album opens with a tale of being disconnected and trapped in a box, literally, called Adam 3. This is the beginning of a story of escaping ones shell and trying to make it to a feeling of freedom. It's defintely one of the stronger tracks on the album.

    "Speed And Timing" is a song about waiting for the perfect time to move forward with something, which I believe is our "character" escaping from the room described in Adam 3.

    The rest of the album follows suit and reads like a futuristic tale of someone escaping a power holding it captive. It can be seen as a tale of becoming free from the constraints of life and striving to be free. Despite the implied deepness of the lyrics, the music is definitely charged, but has a tendancy to become boring from time to time. As well, the production could have been done better, the mixing was weak. Honestly, this album could have been a lot better if it had been produced better. As they say, it's in the mix.

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