Philip Foxman and Prime 8
West 4th & Charles

by Samuel Barker
July 11, 2001

File Under: Folk/Rock
rating: A-

1. You're Everything

2. Here It Comes

3. My Valentine

4. Buddha in the Bathroom

5. Sheltering Sky

6. Random Fire

7. Little Brother

8. I'll Be There

9. Spanish Armada

10. Nervous in the Night

11. When Shadows Fall Away

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  • Few times before have I heard anything quite as refreshing as Phillip Foxman and Prime 8. When you picture a band led by a singer/songwriter that has a violin, mandolin, drums, bass, and various other instruments, you are expecting an Austin, TX folk/country artist. Well, New York's Phillip Foxman is nothing like that. He and his band use these instruments to make a unique mix of folk/rock with some worldly overtones. It's really a treat for the ears.

    Foxman's vocals are a bit strange at time, fading between a near Tom Waits to a cleaner Dylan. His songs are well thoughtout and really catchy. They're not stupid pop tunes trying to pull you in with hooks, this is pure music that pulls you in with it's simple beauty.

    Even the violin on this album has a punch. This album is something to be proud of for all involved. From the opening chords of "You're Everything" to the fading melodies of "When Shadows Fall Away" you are entranced by this menagerie of sound.

    "Here It Comes" explores a darker feel in the beginning, but when the band kicks in you are given a wall of sweet beautiful sounds. The vibe of the music is pleasing to your soul.

    "Little Brother" has a great mellow bass intro and the accoustic guitar work is nice. This is one of the songs that showcases Foxman's songwriting ability. It's a pretty cut and dry folk song that comes at you with a very Tom Waits-ish vibe.

    The final song on the album, "When Shadows Fall Away," is the highpoint you'd love to close with. The guitar playing flows and the violin adds to the mellow vibe. This is a truly beautiful song. It's well played and well thoughtout like most of the album.

    I know this review will read like a fluff piece, but I promise you, this album is that good. It's a testament to the American singer/songwriter. I was impressed with this album from open to close. It's definitely something worth checking out.

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