Frenzal Rhomb
Shut Your Mouth

by Samuel Barker
April 21, 2001

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: D

1. Everything's Fucked

2. Had Enough

3. Runaway

4. Coming Home

5. All Hail The Weekend

6. Home Made Video

7. The Best Guy

8. Dance-ecution

9. Nothing's Wrong

10. Rats In The Walls

11. Cheer Up

12. Local Resident Failure

13. War

14. Sodom The Clown

15. I Love Fucking Up

16. Don't Let The Bastards Keep You Down

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  • Australia's Frenzal Rhomb's new release, Shut Your Mouth, is a fine template for a pop punk album. It's really got nothing new to offer, but it's charming in the same way most pop punk bands are charming, decent music with humorous, interesting lyrics.

    I have to admit in the past year I've gotten sick of the number of bands who all sound the same, and Frenzal Rhomb falls into that catagory. A lot of tracks on this album are strong and have you singing along, but then some of them leave you bored waiting for something to challenge you.

    The opening track, "Everything's Fucked" is great. It actually involves some keyboard usage in the midst of an all out punk song. The intellegence of the songs makes for a lot of fun throughout the album, but when the lyrical flair is missing, so is the fun.

    The jewels of the CD are "Runaway" which is a total rocker, "All Hail The Weekend" which pays homage to everyone's favorite part of the week(it's hard to believe this wasn't included on the Austrailian release of the album), and "Local Resident Failure" which I know a lot people who hear it can relate to. These are some great songs, but the majority just falls into the same formula of most punk today. It's not bad, just overplayed.

    Frenzal Rhomb is a good at what they do, but it just sounds too much like everything else. This album is currently available through Fat Wreck Chords for a reasonable price. If you like older Frenzal Rhomb albums, I urge you to get this, it's not far from the old sound.

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