Instrument Soundtrack

by Samuel Barker
January 18, 2000

File Under: Experimental/Punk
rating: B-

1. Pink Frosty Demo

2. Lusty Scripps

3. Arpeggiator Demo

4. Afterthought

5. Trio's 

6. Turkish Disco

7. Me and Thumbelina

8. Floating Boy Demo

9. Lint Track

10. Little Debbie

11. H.B.

12. I'm So Tired

13. Rend It Demo

14. Closed Captioned Demo

15. Guilford Fall Demo

16. Swingset

17. Shaken All Over

18. Slo Crostic 

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  • "The following is for reference only" and so begins the latest Fugazi release. The album is an accompaniment to the new Jem Cohen documentary covering the first 10 years of the band's history. This album has a great deal of charm to all the hardcore Fugazi fans. As a personal fan, i got a charge out of hearing how these songs got there start, and then listening to the albums to see what they became. The album also has some new tracks on it that show the wide ranging style of the band. It's a fun album to sit back and listen to. You get a good idea of the metamorphasis that take place from demo, to arrangement, to recording, to release.

    Despite the enjoyability of the album, I can't give it that high of a score due to the fact it's mostly demos. The new songs introduced on this release are quite charming though. There is even a piano ballad done by Ian MacKaye that has no problem getting stuck in your head. It's so catchy that in the film there is footage of Joe Lally standing in the kitchen whistling it. "Little Debbie" is a nice strong punk number. It's got that punk feel, but the signature fugazi dynamics. It's a very nice song.

    A few songs on the album are very experimental. The songs "Me and Thumbelina" is just drums and vocal, but by dictating the speed of the tape player, they make a weird little vibe. There is touch of many flavors on the album. This album also showcases the talent of all the band members. The early complete demo of apreggiator was done completely by Brendan Canty, showing his ability to play many instruments. Guy Picciotto plays guitar and bass in the "Rend It" demo.

    If you're looking for a new way to look at this band, this is the album for you. Also for all the aspiring musicians, this album is nice in showing that even the smallest snippet of music idea can turn into some pretty powerful songs. I strongly recommend this album because it gives a great deal of different aspects on music as a whole. Definitely work the $8.

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