Tony Garone
The Epic Of Gilgamesh

by Samuel Barker
August 4, 2001

File Under: Media Experience
rating: A-

1. Gilgamesh

2. Uruk

3. We Are All One

4. The Fallen Star

5. Enkidu

6. Huwawa The Terrible

7. Inanna/Ishtar

8. The Bull Of Heaven

9. Gilgamesh Laments For Enkidu

10. The Journey

11. Siduri

12. Utnapishtim And The Great Flood

13. The Far Away

14. The Flower Of Life

15. Lost In The Temple Of Anu

16. The Followers Of Horus

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  • It's a bit unfair to weight this as CD or to compare this to other albums. The Epic Of Gilgamesh is a brilliant media experiment that is the brainchild of Tony Garone. It's the combination of music, text, and technology to successfully convey Garone's interpretation of the Mesopotanian tale of King Gilgamesh.

    This album is also a testament to the technology digital music provides. This album was complete by artist all over the world who never actually sat down together. It was all done through mp3 technology. Some may expect inferior sound quality due to this, but there is no noticable compromise of quality. The sound is of a very well produced album that combines many oddball instruments with your staples.

    If you are aware of the story of Gilgamesh, this CD will be something wonderful to listen to, it's a fun interpretation of the tale. I mixes various aspects from the separate cultures who carry on the story, so it's not completely true to either of the tales.

    I was encouraged to read through the original texts after listening to this album, it's definitely an easy way to find inspiration to learn something new. Granted, this album isn't something you'll listen to in your car, but it's something you'd have fun listening to as an accompaniment to the story or if you want to learn something.

    As I was saying earlier, this album is just a part of the whole. To truly enjoy this work, you should visit the website Garone has made to accompany the album and you should read the Epic itself, it's definitely something interesting to hear and see.

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