Good Riddance
Symptoms Of A Leveling Spirit

by Samuel Barker
July 11, 2001

File Under: Hardcore/Punk
rating: B

1. Fire Engine Red

2. Enter The Unapproachables

3. Yesterday's Headlines

4. Great Leap Forward

5. Cheyenne

6. Libertine

7. Trial Of The Century

8. Nobody Likes A Cynic

9. Year Of The Rat

10. Pisces/Almost Home

11. Refusing The Popular Struggle

12. All The Joy You've Ever Known

13. Blue Black Eyes

14. Spit You Out

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  • It's hard to believe it's only been two years since Operation Phoenix came out. I've been jonzing for this album a while now. The Phenomenon Of Craving was just a taste, so it was rough waiting for this album, but here it is!

    This album has a strong edge, it's a lot harder than Phenomenon... was. This album is every bit as strong as Operation Phoenix and flows just a well. It was a treat to hear this band come with a straight ahead hardcore assault. There were still a few poppier tracks on the album, but in the end, this album will rock you.

    It opens with "Fire Engine Red." This track comes right at you and gets your blood flowing. There is a slight pop feel at times, but it's got a razor's edge. It carries you directly into "Enter The Unapproachables." This song is as hard as they come. Russ' voice just calls for your attention and makes you give it. The music is tight and the edge is there as it is on most of the album.

    The album is filled with strong, quality tracks like "Libertine," which is pure hardcore, and "Trial Of The Century" which is a more pop punk number. Either way, Good Riddance gives you some tight, well played music.

    The final song, "Spit You Out," is sick. It's the hardest track on the album. It's the perfect way for the album to end. Russ sounds more pissed than he has ever been on this track. Unfortunately they added a "secret song." It was very poppy and took away from the power and anger of the close. That was really one of the few down points of the album.

    This album is available from Fat Wreck Chords and from your local CD shop. It's definitely a good choice to pick up if you have some extra cash. I promise you will not be disappointed, and if you are, learn what good music is.

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