Good Riddance
The Phenomenon Of Craving

by Samuel Barker
May 13, 2000

File Under: Hardcore
rating: B-

1. Cages

2. One For The Braves

3. Uniontown

4. Calendar

5. Start At Zero

6. Undefeated

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  • "The Phenomenon Of Craving", the new CDEP from Good Riddance is a pretty good taste of a great band. After seeing them at the Fat Wreck 2000 Tour, I have been impressed with this band in so many ways. This album lacks a lot of the political punch of their previous releases, but contains some good musicianship and great lyrics. There is still songs with some political meaning, but it's more about supporting others. This album does support various causes including the Homeless Garden Project, so this band does it's part to give back. On a personal note, a community that's seen as deliquents does more for charities and positive cause than any corporation. Odd don't you think?

    The album opens with a classic intro voice track. When I first reviewed it I wasn't sure where it was from, but after thinking about it, I remembered it from "Slap Shot". It's one of Paul Newman's best monologues ever. It's a good indicator that these guys have a sense of humor through all the serious lyrics. Then "Cages" begins. This continue with the true hardcore sound from Operation Phoenix. The song rocks hard, and the guitar on the chorus sounds awesome. The next song, "One For The Braves", is my favorite track on the album. It's got a poppy feel, but the edge is still there. It's upbeat, and lyrically uplifting. A good tale of helping someone who is not used to being helped. "Uniontown" is brilliant. It gives a perspective of how the a great deal of freedom has been stripped by unions who are allegedly out to "help the American worker". "Calendar" has a nice mix of pop and hardcore. "Start At Zero" is a slower songs, but very deliberate. The lyrics are an eeiry tale of a mental breakdown, feelings of a world closing in on someone. "Undefeated" is a nice closing track. Fast, hard as fuck. A lot of creative musical moments. A sweet songs. A nice way to close the album.

    This album isn't quite Operation Phoenix, but it rocks pretty hard. I'm sure if you added another 11 songs and had an album as long as Operation Phoenix it'd be just as strong, if not stronger. I'm impressed with this band. The do a good job of capturing that live power on record. This album is out on May 23rd, so watch your record store shelves for this album.

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