Guyana Punch Line
Irritainment For the Masses

by Matt Peterson
August 4, 2001

File Under: Hardcore
rating: 1.2 out of 5

1. Red Sea

2. Political P.I.G.

3. Speak Softly

4. Turn You A Blind Eye

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  • The insert to this record reads "emo-violence is dead, here's maximum smashism."

    The first side starts out with drums too hard and fast. The vocals are too hard and sream to recognize what's going on. It is too hard and too metal. I don't like it, and do not want to listen to it. It's kinda wack. It is just over the edge for me.

    It features some decent guitar parts, and has musical potential, but I can't get into it. I don't understand how people can recognize what's going on when listening to this music. The vocals are plain bad, and it just makes you want to turn it off. It's almost laughable, like a joke band you see on a TV commercial featuring over the top speed hard metal. It gives punk music a bad name. The best parts are the end of track noises. The lyrics are pretty bad. They are very generic point the finger "you're bad" type lyrics. They're uninspired, typical, lacking wit, cleverness and originality, which makes their point degraded. My favorite part of this record is it's length… short.

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