by Samuel Barker
June 30, 2001

File Under: Melodic Punk/Hardcore
rating: B

1. Role Model

2. Self Reliable

3. Well Behaved

4. Out Of Debt

5. Memory Lane

6. Ripe Or Rotting

7. I Want I Want

8. Songs Remain

9. Forest King

10. Shine The Light

11. Repair

12. Underneath The Flames

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  • H2O
  • Go is an ideal title for this new release from NYC's finest, H20. From the opening track to the final notes, the album is constantly moving forward from melodic punk to melodic hardcore. The intensity is increasing constantly and the mood is getting harder. It's constantly going forward.

    The album opens with the melodic punk sound of "Role Model." This track is a good opener because it's slower, poppier, and more inviting than later tracks on the album. This track gets you in so that the harder tracks won't be as harsh.

    "Ripe Or Rotting" is the midpoint of the rise. It's the perfect blend of the melodic punk with the hardcore overtones. The edge is really visible at this point in the album, but it's smoothed out by the melodic vocals and sweet guitar work.

    The mood goes into it's fiercest with "Shine The Light." This is the best track on the album. It's abrasive, hard hitting, energetic, and somehow it still doesn't rub you the wrong way. It's a really impressive feat for this band.

    The album closed with a classic cover of Madonna's "Like A Prayer." This song is one of the hardest on the album and it's a lot of fun. The song takes on a whole new life in this version. It will make a lot more people fans of the song and it will be something a lot people will yell out to be played at shows.

    This album was fun from start to finish. The mood was constantly moving forward which kept you involved and interested in the album. I have to give props to H2O for making a seemless transition into the mainstream, no changes here. Pick this album up, it shouldn't be too hard to find!

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