by John Rovnan
February 14, 2001

File Under: Metal/Hard Rock
rating: 4.0 out of 5

1. Resurrection

2. Made In Hell 

3. Locked And Loaded

4. Night Fall

5. Silent Screams

6. The One You Love To Hate 

7. Cyberworld 

8. Slow Down

9. Twist Halligan

10. Temptation

11. Drive

12. Saviour

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  • Halford
  • It seems this is the year of the classic metal resurgence, and perhaps that is what Rob Halford is referring to in the title of his newest album, Resurrection. Perhaps he's also referring to the rebirth of his own career after largely unsuccessful attempts with his band Fight and the industrial tinged Two where he paired with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.

    On Resurrection Halford returns to the heavy, guitar-driven sound that made him so successful with Judas Priest for so many years. Produced and largely co-written by producer Roy Z, whose stellar work made Bruce Dickinson's last two solo albums some of the best releases of the 90's, the album holds up as its centerpiece Rob's signature vocals. The guitars are very in-your-face and feature solid power metal riffs with some interesting harmonies and a few well-placed solos mixed in. Anyone familiar with Dickinson's last two albums will immediately spot the work of Roy Z, but that doesn't diminish the fact that this is a great album. Old Priest fans will appreciate the effort put forth, though don't believe for one second this will cause the Fred Durst masses to abandon their unwavering devotion to rock's greatest hype.

    This album is aimed at the 80's metal fan; no new ground is being broken but the execution is what counts and this is a great example of fist-pumping metal. I imagine a lot of people were waiting for Rob to sing lines like, "Hell, we're born to raise some hell, Hell, we're gonna raise some hell", again. Let's face it, only Rob Halford can get away with, "I'm gonna shoot it, I'm gonna shoot it, Cause I'm locked and loaded". The high point comes with "The One You Love To Hate", co-written by Bruce Dickinson, who also shares vocal duties. Songs such as Made in Hell, Slow Down, and Saviour show that the metal god is indeed Resurrected and hopefully he stays around a long time.

    John Rovnan is a Contributing Editor. Contact him at jrovnan@medrad.com.