Hoppin' Mad
Don't Waste Your Time

by Samuel Barker
March 23, 2000

File Under: Punk Rock
rating: B-

1. Really Happenin'

2. Crushed

3. Anthem For Now Tomorrow

4. Under Her Eyes

5. As They Drown

6. Face

7. Beach Bomber	

8. Making Her Sick

9. Vacation

10. Inflamed

11. Ounce

12. Someday Soon

13.So Long

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  • Hoppin' Mad
  • In the tradition of punk bands such as the Queers, Descendents, and Mr. T Experience comes a heart broken punk ROCK! band from Detroit, MI. This group combines classic punk feel with some witty love sick lyrics, and adds in a touch of pop to make their own little mix. This mix refers to itself as Hoppin' Mad. This album entitled, Don't Waste Your Time is their first release under the name Hoppin Mad. Previously known as Inspector 7 this band has been around for a while and picked up a good sound in that time.

    The album begins with the track "Really Happenin'" which is the embodiment of this band's sound, straight ahead punk rock. The song is fast and furious, and ends under 3 minutes. No song on the entire album goes over 3 minutes, and most barely go over 2 minutes. The entire album is straight forward. "Crushed" is done in the spirit of the Descendents. A rocking song about lost love and girls. The reoccuring theme in this album is lost love and girls, it's charming. The Descendents connection is deep with this band, so much so that on the cover their is what appears to be a ticket from a Descendents show lying in the papers and pictures. I'm not saying this band is like the Descendents, but they definitely are influenced by their song writting. My favorite track on the album is "Beach Bomber". It's straight ahead, has nice vocal power, and is very catchy. The album ends with a hidden track. The song is great. "The Chili Song" as I have dubbed it is funny, and adds a nice humorous twist to the album. A nice way to make you forget the girl pain.

    A nice release from a small record label out of Michigan. This band has a nice sound, and is something accessable to punk rock advocates of all ages. The blend of old skool punk ROCK, and the poppy undertones makes for an easily grasped sound. I personally like the album for the straight vintage sound. It's good to get back to the quick, hard, and heavy songs of the past with a new age twist and Hoppin' Mad brings you there.

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