by Samuel Barker
August 4, 2001

File Under: Rockabilly/Gypsy
rating: C+

1. Rock Me Like A Titan

2. Kiss Me One More Time

3. Suicide King

4. Long Blond Hair

5. Blue Moon Baby

6. Walking Like Brando

7. Do the Do

8. Try Try Try

9. Hurrican

10. Serena

11. Pain In My Desire

12. Tavern

13. Howl

14. Don't Come Back Knockin'

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  • Hyperions
  • I first heard this band when they opened for Mojo Nixon and I was intrigued by their sound. It's very hard to describe, it's rockabilly, but it's got another odd twist to it. It's really a fun sound. It's something that'll leave you scratching your head, but wanting to hear some more.

    The band's core unit is a guitarist Jason Planco, Standup Bassist Annette Faltermier, and drummer Javier Estrella. The addition of the other instruments adds to the interesting sound. All of which play a key role in definining what is so brilliantly interesting about this album, but the strongest supporting instrument is the vibraphone which adds a weird gypsy feel to it.

    The album begins with "Rock Me Like a Titan," which jumps directly into the rockabilly, swing feel. This band has a vintage feel to it, but with just enough oddity to not feel old and outdated. The Hyperions are like a living piece of history that play some pretty great tunes that just beg you to dance to them.

    This album contains some of the most original music you'll ever hear. It's got an almost tribal drum feel with some subtle yet blistering guitar work. The bass is a constant boom, it's like the trot of an army heading to war. All of these combined helps to give a base to the sound.

    I really enjoyed this album. This band will leave anyone who hears it at a loss for a label to put on the music. It's got a strong, fun temperment that is will make you want to dance like like a wild person. I definitely feel this is one worth picking up.

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