Inspecter 7
"The Infamous"
(Radical Records)

by Marc Chauvin
March 30, 1999

File Under: Ska
rating: 4.0

1. The Infamous

2. Regret

3. Sharky 17

4. Brother vs. Brother

5. Spy Front

6. Hub City Stompers

7. Cookin'

8. Channel 7

9. Agent 86

10. Big Slices

11. Popeye

12. Sleeping With The


13. See Ya

14. Melodie D'Amour

15. The Shape

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  • What in the world could ever come out of New Jersey that could be any good? Woodrow Wilson, the light bulb? Nah... try Inspecter 7. Hailing from the good old East Coast state of New Jersey comes the finest in skinhead ska, aggressive and 2toney.

    Hailing from New Brunswick, known for its diverse underground music support, the 90's brought ska to the "Hub City". Starting in 1992 under the name Agent 86 (now a song) in the basement of 106 Welton Street to jam and drink, they were the one and only ska band in the "Hub City". Several years, members, and band names later, the infamous Inspecter 7, made up of three original members of Agent 86 (Giuseppe Mancini, The Lovely Miss Stephanie and The Skooch) was created. Calling themselves Inspecter 7 after the inspection tag on clothing and changing some spelling, so as to separate themselves from others bands who might wish to use the name inspector, one of the greatest things ever to come out of New Jersey came to life.

    "....The Infamous" is the 1997 release of good ole Inspecter 7. First hearing them on Oi!/Skampilations with Hub City Stompers and on Skankaholics Unanimous, I ran out and bought the cd. "...The Infamous" has everything from fast paced ska to mellow traditional songs. The folks in Inspecter 7 traverse all three waves bringing together a wide array of influences unlike many bands out there. Upon first hearing "...The Infamous", much can be missed, but after a few more spins, the listener can start to appreciate what goes into making Inspecter 7, well, infamous. A noteable song, "The Shape" sounds to me to be a ska-esque version of the Halloween theme song.

    Look out for Inspecter 7 if they roll into your town with Mephiskapheles, and look out for their new release "Banished To Bogeyland". BTB was produced by Greg Robinson (Mephiskapheles) and features guest appearances by members of Mephiskapheles, the Skoidats and the Scofflaws.

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