Inspection 12
In Recovery

by Samuel Barker
June 11, 2001

File Under: Power Pop
rating: B-

1. Secure

2. Sweet Sixteen 

3. Red Letter Day

4. Doppelganger

5. Sweet Identity

6. Great Scott

7. Leave It To Me

8. Hear Anything?

9. Photograph

10. Immortal Beloved

11. To The Victor Goes The Spoils

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  • Upon seeing the bio of the band and looking at the CD, I was ready to be bored to death with another 4-piece power pop band. Then I read the booklet and was amused at the band's 12 step program, it was hilarious.

    Shortly after, I popped in the CD and enjoyed what I heard. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but you could hear something you don't usually hear in a lot of the new age power pop (punk?) bands, character. It was refreshing to hear this band.

    The album opens with "Secure" which a great opener. It's a slow opener with a great spotlight on the vocals and a smooth arpeggiated guitar intro. The song gave way to the band's true sound of power chords, strong bass, and smart leads.

    The album also has it's share of straight up rockers. "Great Scott" has a great stop and go intro. It's a fun song. The vocals stand out well. You can hear the youthful determination in many of the tracks, and this one was no different. It's a large part of what makes this release as refreshing as it is.

    The album also has some great metallic riffs. "Leave It To Me" comes straight at you with some tight riffs and sweet leads, as does the closer, "Elegy."

    "Elegy" is my favorite song on the album. The opening riff is downright evil. The withdrawn vocals add a nice touch. As with most of the songs, the vocals harmonize well with the music. The piano outro leaves an eeiry feel to the air that leaves it's mark.

    This album is currently available from Honest Don's records. It's definitely something worth checking out. The only downside of the album for me was finding out that the drummer of Inspection 12, Scott S., had lost his life earlier this year in a car accident. For what it's worth, this is a great album to leave as ones legacy and a great way to touch lives. Through the music he will live forever.

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