Jump Start
Not Me, Not Us

by Samuel Barker
February 22, 2000

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: C-

1. Lucky Me

2. Never Alone

3. Blasphemies

4. Rhinoplasty

5. Robin's Song

6. Dice

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  • The first release from Jump Start entitled "Not Me, Not Us" is a nice piece of music from a young emerging pop-punk/emo band. Well thought out, and well produced, this initial release is one of the best I've ever heard. Most first releases are cheaply done and poorly produced. Not to say it's flawless, but this release is put together really well. A nice opening statement for a young emerging band.

    The album starts off with the track "Lucky Me" which is the best song on the album in my opinion. It's very poppy, and fun to listen to. It's one of the few songs on the album where the vocals fit the sound and keep you in it. The next song is a complete downer. "Never Alone" is a slower emo track. It's similar to most Emo songs, but just like all the others, it lacks any punch, and is all together boring. The next song is entitled "Blasphemies" it's a much better song than "Never Alone". It has a nice intro, and carries into low emotional verse. My only fault with the track is that the transition to the power portion of the track is weak.

    The second half of the album begins with the upbeat, ska-influenced "Rhinoplasty". It gives a nice change of pace to the down songs preceeding it. It gets you back to the feel good moments of "Lucky Me". It needs more of the guitar on the ska part. At first listen it sounds like a bass fill, but at a closer listen you can here the upstroked guitar. I like the whistling in the chorus, it's kinda loud, but is one of the few times you get moved by the vocals. The next song is called "Robin's Song" this is another weak track reminisent of "Never Alone". The true thing that hurts the weaker tracks is the overall weakness of the vocals on the enitre album. The music remains active the whole album, but the vocals are never really there. The final track is entitled "Dice". This is the power track of the album. Nice sound, power drumming, but once again lacks any vocal power.

    For a self done debut, this is a fine album. However, the vocals are very weak. It does an injustice to the music. The main guitar is strong, the bass is on, and the drumming on this album is very nice. The second guitar is really low. You can here it in quiet moments, and occassionally it's turned up, but for the most part it is very low. The album would have easily been a mid-4 with a decent vocal track, but the lack of any or all vocal punch can hurt an album. Despite that, this is THE best initial release I've heard from a band musically, but sometimes the way you say your words hurts you.

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