by Matt Peterson
August 4, 2001

File Under: Emo/Punk/Rock
rating: 3.8 out of 5

1. The Wait

2. Salt

3. Stayed Too Long

4. Car Drive

5. Minerals

6. Stroll Down Memory Lane

7. Feature Story

8. Wall

9. Community

10. Franklin

11. Groundless

12. Stifling

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  • X-Mist Records
  • This is the CD version of Kurt's debut LP on X-Mist Records, complete with 5 added bonus tracks which seem to contain music collected from comps, and previously unreleased material. This band and label are German, and the liner notes are written in German, so I cannot understand exactly the notes to the bonus tracks.

    It comes in interesting cardboard fold-out packaging, with a cool insert containing very good zine-like collage artwork set behind the lyrics. The album starts off with a Sonic Youth/Rites of Spring like beginning, and this style is consistent throughout the whole record. It has passionate screaming vocals with good music, which is tight with very intense raw passionate playing. The band has good use of octaves similar to Fugazi and Magro Kuso. This three-piece has a great, full sound and is capable of producing some great noises.

    There is good song writing throughout this CD. At times there may be too much screaming, but there is a ton of heart in the vocals and the playing which the listener can be very appreciative of. Their very emotional screaming can be evocative and gets their message and feeling across very well. It is tight raw energetic intelligent punk with good use of feedback. I like the sound of this record on all aspects. It contains very good production throughout. This album shows off a good band, which can probably put on a very good, straight from the heart, show. There is a good connection between the bass and guitar, and the drums lock in perfectly (there is a great drum sound on the record). They have a very good instrumental track, Car Drive, which is very passionate, and again makes the listener want to see the band rock this song out live.

    At times the deep throaty vocals can turn me off. They can almost be metal, which I'm not very into, but the music is always good, and is noticeably better then the vocals in some songs. They can be almost Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard influenced at times, but the best comparison is probably a harder Rites of Spring, especially in vocals.

    They are very driving, but some parts can be a little too repetitious/hard for my liking. This CD would be VERY good if it weren't for the excessive hardness it has at times. If it's vocals and overall sound were a tad lighter, this would have been one of the best CD's I've heard in the last 6 months.

    Although the heaviness turns me off, I do appreciate the intensity, raw emotion, and pure energy clearly evident in the band. They have good instrumental instincts, at times their energy is similar to Don Caballero, but being less technical and a little more raw. I like this CD a lot. This is the kind of band that makes you feel happy about the state and idea of indie/punk music today. They have a good length of their songs, which are long enough to communicate their feeling and get message across, but short enough to be concise and to the point, not dragging along. As I said before, this is driving music, and the band kept up their energy throughout the whole album. I like the vocals, but still it is a tad too hard. Something also interesting that I like is the fact the there are not many lyrics in a song. This is a very good LP featuring good musicianship and good production. The band members are good instrumentalists and produce a very good three-piece sound. They are very good original interesting intelligent writers. The music has consistently good production. Whenever it is too heavy, I can be appreciative of feeling. There is a consistent strength of songs, with good lyrics. They are good at their sound and excellent at feedback, and being a guitarist, I am drawn into their skill. Good ending of CD, good bonus tracks.

    This is a very good CD by this very good German band. I would love to see them live. They have very good songs, which is really all that matters, and they play them very tight with ferocious intensity and emotion. I highly recommend this CD and I am interested in pursuing more of this band's releases.

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