Kill Your Idols
Funeral For A Feeling

by Alex Rud
July 16, 2001

File Under: Hardcore/Punk
rating: 4.3 out of 5

1) Madly 

2) Young At Heart 

3) The Seen 

4) Funeral For A Feeling 

5) By The Way 

6) A Better Place 

7) All The Difference 

8) This Is Not Goodbye, Just Goodnight 

9) With Blinders On 

10) Dead By Dawn 

11) Made To Be Broken* 

12) Last Song 

13) Fall Out 

14) All That And Vans Too 

15) I Will Defy 

16) Fashion Statement 

17) Goodbye My Love, Hello My Friend  

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  • For those of you who don't know who Kill Your Idols is yet, let me tell you. Kill Your Idols is a (old school) Hardcore/Punk band from Long Island, NY. They have been around for quite a while now, but thanks to their constant touring, people outside of NY, now, know who they are too.

    Their debut LP, for SideOneDummy records (anyway), is titled "Funeral For A Feeling." Most of you will have to wait for tomorrow (July 17th) to get it. Those of you waiting anxiously to pick this baby up in yer local store, tomorrow, will not be disappointed. The album has 17 in-yer-face hardcore tunes that only KYI can come up with. . The band has definitely grown up, without altering their sound a whole lot. They are just better at what they do now, that's all.

    Some of my favorite songs on this album are: "Young (At Heart)." The song is about not conforming and making your own choices in life." The Seen" is about those stupid bastards in the scene that try to be elite. Fuck them and their "I'm better than you" attitudes. "Funeral For A Feeling" is about loosing a friend, who died before his/her time. "Fashion Statement" goes out to the people who take advantage of their subculture. To these people it is just a fad, and it must be stopped. "Goodbye MY Love, Hello My Friend" is a song about going out with someone, but loosing them. Now you are deciding if you want to be that persons friend or not. The song ends with an acoustic guitar being played, a perfect way to end the CD. All the songs are great, and well written. KYI have released another great album.

    Kill Your Idols are definitely making a name for themselves in the hardcore community, and beyond. Catch them on tour, and don't bitch that they don't come to your town, because they tour constantly! "Can't take it away from me, can't take my pride!" KYI

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