Kill Your Idols/
Nerve Agents
Split 7"

by Alex Rud
May 19, 2001

File Under: Hardcore
rating: 3.6 out of 5

Kill Your Idols(side A) 

1) Empty Room 

2) Green 

3) Goodbye To You


Nerve Agents(side B) 

1) Planet Frankenstein 

2) Dead Man Walking 

3) Suffragette City    

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  • When 2 good bands release a split 7", the result is almost always amazing. That is true for the Nerve Agents/Kill Your Idols split.

    When I first heard that these 2 of my favorite hardcore bands are doing a 7" split with each other, on Mankind Recods, I rushed to the store and picked this baby up. I first noticed how the album covers have a 40s/50s horror movie themes. The Nerve Agents side shows a Frankenstein shoving his hand in to a dead, or soon to be dead, person's mouth, while the Kill Your Idols side features a vampire crawling out of a trash can.

    When I got home, I couldn't wait to pop this baby into my record player. What I heard was some good ol' in yer face hardcore from both bands, the only contrast that this 7" has, compared to the earlier releases by both bands, is that the songs have a horror movie type themes to them.

    Each band does 3 hardcore gems. Kill Your Idols start the record off by doing "Empty Room," The song is about mourning over someone's death of a close person, possibly a spouse. The song "Green" is about missing a loved one, and how your life doesn't seem complete without that person. A cover of Scandal song "Good-bye To You" finishes the KIY side.

    Nerve Agents side starts out with a song called "Planet Frankenstein." The song takes a dark glimpse into the future of how our planet will be taken over by superhuman creations. The song "Dead Man Walking" talks about a drug junkie; who has wasted his life and is no more than a dead man walking. The Nerve Agents side ends with a cover of David Bowie's song "Suffragette City" which is a nice ending to the 7", I must say.

    Go out and get the split 7" and see what these 2, incredibly talented hardcore bands, have in store for you. Don't listen to the 7" at night because you may have trouble sleeping afterwards!

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