Land Of Chocolate
Unikorn On The Cob

by Samuel Barker
October 22, 2001

File Under: Funk/Rock/Experimental
rating: A-

1. Musical Findings 

2. Waiting For The Go

3. Double Standard Booth

4. Walk Fast

5. Upping The Ante

6. We Love You Lots

7. Broken Record

8. Unicorn On The Cob

9. Making Friends

10. Self Control

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  • Land Of Chocolate
  • The radio single has killed good music. Does anyone remember when bands wrote no song under 5 minutes? Does convenient packaging have to apply to art now? These are questions that the people in Land Of Chocolate haven't thought about. With only three songs under five minutes, these guys lay down a groundwork for a song and proceed to go through all the essential steps of making a captivating song. There are no abrupt ends, just songs that flow smoothly and pull you in.

    The album opens with Musical Findings. This songs is something we can all relate to, using songs as a way to capture memories. How many times do you hear a song and remember an exact moment in time? Combine these thoughts with some music in the strain of Mr. Bungle and you are given a captivating piece of music.

    The music on this album has many sounds to it, but the meshing of jazz-based bass lines, heavy riffs, and melodic vocals gives it a twist only found in a band like Mr. Bungle. The music is hectic, but well thought out. It's a controlled chaos few bands can pull off.

    Double Standard Booth was the track that really pulled me into the mix. The sound is always moving and the vocals shine on the track. We Love You Lots is in the same mood. It's always changing and adds so many moods and feelings into one song.

    In a time when most bands wouldn't dare to add multiple moods into one songs, Land Of Chocolate creates an emotional landscape in their songs that will certainly intrigue listeners and give them a treat. This is something definitely worth checking out.

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