by Jason Edwards
October 6, 2000

File Under: Punk
rating: 4.5 out of 5

1. Sour Grapes

2. Evo Pop

3. Soundbites

4. Watching You Sleep

5. True Colours

6. Grip

7. Choice

8. Lorrydriver's Son

9. Ship Song

10. Eddy Bumble

11. Closing Time

12. Wing Ding

13. Kill DJ's

14. Box Jellyfish

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  • Well, I finally got around to purchasing a CD by this group that I have heard so much about. Horsebox is there 2000 release and its a very good CD to say the least. With the title of the band and the gravely lyrical stylings of the singer (he puts Mike Ness and Dicky Barret to shame in this category). You get the thought that this band just wants to knock the hell outta you. But underneath the lyrical sounds and crunchy guitars lies some awfully beautiful music that is plenty melodic at the same time.

    The first song "Sour Grapes" lets you know this right away as a very nice slow guitar part introduces the first few seconds of the song. I thought to myself wow, this sounds very cool. I mean I wouldn't think so, but the raspy way the singer holds his notes fits perfectly with the melodic sounds of the guitars put out by the duo of Leighton Evans and Frankie Stubbs. Every song seems to move swiftly to a quicker pace with the bass of David Burdon moving things along quite nicely. Again this is another English punk band that seems to go relatively unnoticed here stateside and judging by this CD I cannot figure out why. The melody and the way the songs are arranged give your insides a tweek while you listen. Its very emotional music and you can feel it. Its one of those CDs where you like to sit and listen to it, and not do anything else.

    The standout tracks to me are the first one I mentioned above. Along with the second one also "Evo Pop". This song also begins with a nice blending guitar sound that leads directly into it getting picked up a notch and you can feel the intensity of the music. The drummer Andrew Laing works hard at letting you know when the changes are evident. He quickly moves around the drum set in a way that very few "punk" drummers do. The fourth song "Watching you Sleep" one of the quicker song on the album does not leave a thing behind as a nice drum solo starts the song off and then a non stop of speedy guitar riffs and almost chant like vocals follows. That song is followed up by a cover of true colours, and what a great job they do.

    This band seems to be quite the amazing group. Like I said you can really feel what there doing. The way the change pace with there melodies and how a very unusual vocal style fits in perfectly. Its funny how England keeps producing these punk powerhouses that no seems to notice other than the chosen few. Do yourself a favor and notice them.

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