Less Than Jake
Borders And Boundaries

by Samuel Barker
November 10, 2000

File Under: Punk/Ska
rating: B-

1. Magnetic North

2. Kehoe

3. Suburban Myth

4. Look What Happened

5. Hell Looks A Lot Like LA

6. Mr. Chevy Celebrity

7. Gainesville Rock City

8. Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You Have Problems

9. Bad Scene And A Basement Show

10. Is This Thing On?

11. Pete Jackson Is Getting Married

12. 1989

13. Last Hour Of The Last Day Of Work

14. Bigger Picture

15. Faction

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  • In an attempt to return to their punk roots Florida rockers, Less Than Jake, have released their latest effort Borders & Boundaries on California Indie label Fat Wreck Chords. This album continues to move Less Than Jake further away from their old punk/ska sound. Comprised mostly of straight-ahead poppy punk songs, Borders & Boundaries offers a well played, fun album for anyone who enjoys this band and it's music.

    The album begins with "Magnetic North" which is the song the title is drawn from. It gets the album started with some great bass work, and then kicks the album into full gear when the rest of the band comes in. The horns are a great touch to the album. It's nice to see someone use horns on actual punk songs rather than keeping them on reserve for ska songs only. The album is full of clever songs such as "Hell Looks A Lot Like L.A.", which is one of my favorite songs on the album, and "Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems", which is a very intellegently written song about being caught in the cycle of everyday life and never getting ahead and living, just working and dying.

    The band also shows love to it's home turf with the rocker, "Gainesville Rock City". The track is about being "half asleep and half a world away" from where you want to be, home. "Pete Jackson Is Getting Married" is a funny song about getting ready for the big moment. A lot of things are touched on in the album, and that's what's so charming about it.

    Funny songs, interesting twists on life, and all around good music are trademarks of Less Than Jake. The CD is available from Fat Wreck Chords for $10ppd. I highly recommend it to any Less Than Jake fans who have enjoyed the band for a long time or were turned off by "Hello Rockview". This album is quality music, and a great buy. Enjoy it.

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