Little Green Men
I Want To Believe

by Samuel Barker
July 30, 2001

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: B+

1. Highland

2. Am I Pretty

3. Sorry

4. Better Off Dead

5. Going Down

6. Why We Hurt

7. Brokenhearted

8. Drink Poison

9. Overtime

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  • Little Green Men
  • When I saw that this band came out of Washington, I was expecting one of two things, another grunge band trying to relive the past or an experimental, eclectic band in the same strain as Modest Mouse. I was happy to hear neither of these things, though I wouldn't have minded the other two. This band has a sound I haven't heard from the Northwest in a while. It's a brilliant blend of accoustic folk, hard rock, experimental, and modern rock. This amalgamation of genres has produced a really original sound from this band, Little Green Men.

    The album opens with "Highland" which has a world music feel in the opening, but then gives way to some great accoustic rock grooves. Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Pam Webberly has an angels voice that soars through the songs. You can't help but be mezmerized by the sounds this band provides on this track.

    "Am I Pretty" comes with a more Seattle sound. It's got some strong distorted rock leads that add a nice flavor to the track. I love the way this band weaves between more pop oriented tracks and fuzz laden rock songs. Charles Waldrop does some of his best guitar work on this song, but shines on all the tracks.

    "Better Off Dead" has a nice withdrawn, minimalistic sound. Webberly's vocals haunt the song and the keyboards add to the eeiry feeling. The sound of this album is constantly developing and evolving, it's definitely not an album that will leave you bored.

    This band doesn't really have many radio friendly songs with most of the pushing five minutes or going beyond. That doesn't really seem to both this band, who pushes as much as they can into each song without making you feel overwhelmed.

    The mixture of acoustic guitar and distorted electric guitar makes for a pleasing mixure of sound. The best mixture of the two comes through on "Why We Hurt." In this song Webberly's vocals go into the realm of Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries) with the vocal cracks. It's a nice touch, but sucks some of the originality out of the sound.

    The album closes with "Overtime." This track is really another shining moment for Webberly. Her vocals give the album a lot of spirit. Bruce Whitcomb (bass) and Pat Mehan (drums) do a wondeful job of keeping the rhythm going. This band has a strong sound, and have broken the mold for what people have come to expect out of the great northwest.

    This album is available through the bands website. I enjoyed this album more than most releases I receive. A lot of thought and talent went into the creation of this album. It's something definitely worth buying.

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