by Samuel Barker
September 6, 2001

File Under: Punk Rock
rating: C+

1. My Room

2. Ugly

3. Boring

4. Swallow

5. No Need

6. Parade

7. New

8. Disbelief

9. Blurred

10. Heave

11. Not Like You

12. Breathless

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  • Lifer
  • Despite coming to fame by winning an MTV cover band contest performing a Limp Bizkit song, Lifer comes with a fresh look at an often overdone genre.

    Everyone is aware of the new face of hard rock. The amalgamation of metal and rap has reached a point where it's being overdone and becoming very stale. This album, however, offers a nice melodic touch that'll give a fresh feel to the music. Lifer definitely comes into their own through tracks such as "My Room," which gives you a more melodic rock feel while giving you some aggressive riffs.

    The album contains a great deal of intensity which is refreshing from a genre full of people walking through the motions of being a rap/metal band. Lifer explores various sounds throughout the entire album while staying rooted with an edgy, solid base. I personally enjoyed this breath of fresh air into the genre and look forward to hearing about this band in the future, if they are able to make it out of the pack.

    In the end, this album travels the path most traveled musically, but there is an element of fun in the music that gives it the ability to not sound as scripted. You won't hear anything you haven't heard before on this album, but you will hear something you haven't heard in a while out of the genre, thought and intensity.

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