The Lincolns
The Things You Say

by Samuel Barker
September 9, 2000

File Under: Punk
rating: A-

1. Shoot Some People

2. Mary Ann

3. Psychotic Girl

4. Pushing You Down

5. No Emotion

6. Tie Her Up 

7. Pattern Creature

8. As Always

9. It's Alright

10. Fear Of God

11. Lee Ving

12. Don't Give A Damn

13. Castrated

14. Everybody's Fucked

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  • Who says you have to let the old sound die off? It's definitely not anyone from California based punk band, The Lincolns. This band stays true to the old school Cali sound of bands such as Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and Fear. To make things even better, the track "Lee Ving" is an actual message left on the band's answering machine from Fear lead vocalist/guitarist Lee Ving. This band is enjoyable to listen to, and also makes your pulse jump to the roof with each track. The band's sound has the driving guitar, trebly bass, and off the cuff leads that made the old CA punk sound the legendary sound it was. The Lincolns possess everything that was good about that scene and then proceed to kick it to the next level.

    The opening track to the album, "Shoot Some People", is a 30 second thrasher that gets you hyped for the rest of the album. "Psychotic Girl" is my favorite track on the album. It's fast, hard, and the vocals are dead on. The usage of the group vocals on the choruses made the songs perfect. It gives you a mental picture of singing along live and adding to the chaos. The next track, "Pushing You Down" has a rad straight ahead sound. The driving chant of "I'm pushing and I'm pushing and I'm pushing you down" makes for a good tension builder. The album is full of these moments, and then everything just explodes. If this album doesn't get you pumped and make you have fun, you will need to a) check your pulse or b) pull the stick out of your ass that makes you so uptight. The album just keeps rocking through tracks such as "Tie Her Up", "As Always", and "Fear Of God". It's a straight set of rockers from start to finish. The album closes with "Everybody's Fucked". This is a great way to end it, fast, furious, and to the point. This album is very fast paced, but rocks harder than most CDs. The subject matter of this album may be somewhat offensive to the ridiculously liberal listener, but in the end, it's all about fun and rocking everyone who listens.

    It's not hard to see this album is a thrasher, just pop the CD in and read the 14 songs in 29 minutes reading. It's a fun, energetic album with some humorous moments. It brings you back to older days when hard driving punk was the main stay, and the pop punk was for all the kids that didn't want to get hurt. It brings us back to a time when the music was about energy, tearing stuff apart, and invoking riots with each set. Fortunatly that time is now thanks to bands like The Lincolns. I recommend picking this CD up from the band, it's cheap and penny for penny may be the best punk rock album you'll buy for a while.

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