Live Fat, Die Young
Fat Music Volume 5

by Meredith Goldberg
July 30, 2001

File Under: Ska/Punk
rating: 3.5 out of 5

1.Zero Down-Down This Road

2.No Use For a Name-Let Me Down

3.Anti-Flag-Seattle Was a Riot

4.Good Riddance-Always

5.Fabulous Disaster-Flesh and Bones

6.Sick Of It All-I Believe

7.Mad Caddies-Shut the Door

8.Consumed-Dear James

9.Strung Out-Novacain

10.Bracket-Hearing Aid

11.Frenzal Rhomg-Prognosis: Fuck You 

12.NOFX-San Franscisco Fat

13.Rise Against-Join the Ranks

14.Lagwagon-Alison's Disease


16.Propagandhi-War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, 

   May All Your Interventions Be Humanitarian.

17.Tilt-Bad Place

18.Snuff-Who's Asking

19.Me First & The Gimme Gimmes-Hats Off to Larry

20.Swinin' Utters-I Follow   

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  • The first good thing about this CD that I noticed was the cover of the CD itself. The "fat guy" on the cover looks a lot like Chandler from the TV show "Friends" from when he was going through his "fat stage". So, right off the bat, I knew this CD was not going to be disappointing. Not to mention the fact that most of the Fat Music compilations are very good.

    The CD starts off with a song by the band Zero Down. I had never heard of them until I heard this CD. What greater way to start off a punk rock compilation than by the line, "Another day, another dollar, another bill collecting caller". This song was definitely a good choice as the first song of the album.

    Another song from this CD was, "Seattle Was a Riot" by the band Anti-Flag. I personally never really liked Anti-Flag and I don't particularly like their song on this CD either. They definitely have a good message, but I just don't care much for it.

    The song "I Believe" by Sick of It All is a really great song. As far as hardcore goes, I don't like it that much, but Sick of It All are definitely one of the best hardcore/punk bands around.

    The song by Mad Caddies, "Shut the Door" is a very sweet, cute song. I like it a lot. They have a great sound, not necessarily the most unique sound, but still sounds great. Almost all of NOFX's songs are all fun and catchy, including the song "San Francisco Fat" on this CD. They are extremely good at what they do and it's just that simple. If you like NOFX's other songs, chances are you will like this one too.

    I had also never heard of the band Tilt until this CD. Their song is called "Bad Place". This song is very simplistic yet very cool! I definitely plan on checking out more from this band.

    The last song on this CD is "I Follow" by Swingin' Utters. Swingin' Utters are a pretty good band, but this song isn't as good as most of their older stuff. If this had been the only song of theirs that I had ever heard, I certainly wouln't give them another listen. There were some good songs, some bad songs and some awesome songs on Fat Music Volume 4. All in all, it's just a fun CD that is fun to listen to!

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