Left Over Crack
Rock The 40oz.

by Alex Rud
August 27, 2000

File Under: Punk
rating: 3.7 out of 5

1. Rock The Fourty Ounce

2. Nazi White Trash

3. S. T. I

4. Muppet Namblin'

5. The Good, The Bad, & The Leftover Crack

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  • Left Over Crack
  • Leftover Crack has been supplying the world with "that cracksteady beat" ever since they were comprised of members of that soon-to-be legendary punk band Choking Victim. Since then, Choking Victim have split into 2 bands, one of which is Leftover Crack, formed with singer Stza.

    Leftover Crack has stayed with the traditional Choking Victim sound. Here you have Leftover Crack playing "ye olde punk" with a hint of ska and a lot of politics. The guys are a satanic band, but they're the nicest band there is! However their lyrics are not for the people who take things a little too seriously, with lyrics like "shoot the kids in school in a bloody pool, shoot the teachers too cas they cant tell me what to do" on their song Rock the 40 Oz.

    This 7"(released on bankshot and non-cemmercial records) has 5 songs, and let me tell you its the best $4 I ever spent because its an amazing cd and is worth much more than that (plus it comes with a cool patch so you cant loose). I haven't put it down since I got it because every song on the album is a work of art,you can tell they put time and effort into this release. I can't wait for the new album "shoot the kids in school" to come out this fall (most likely on hellcat records,although stza the singer says its not for certain)because these guys are great and I will take anything i can get my hands on of their merch. It will surely kick some major buttucks, as does this Rock the 40 oz because they never seem to disapoint me like some other bands do from time to time.

    The first song on this e.p is the title track. It's a song about what makes you drink and about not following what you are told most of the time. The second song is nicely titled "Nazi white trash." I don't need to explain what this little tune is about, but it's a subject the band is very passionate about. 3rd song on the album is "s.t.i"(stop the insanity) it talks about killing people (and yourself as well) for making problems on earth.The 4th song on the album is my fave song titled "muppet namblin." It's a great song about how people write songs or make an opinion, and gullible people just eat it up like shit. Some of the poignant lyrics include "who said that every wish would be heard& answered, when you wish apon a star" and "some asshole thought it, some sucker believed it and look where it's got us so far" it's a song i can really relate to because I met some pretty ignorant people in my life. Finally the last song is a Left Over Crack theme song "the good,the bad and the Leftover Crack"(the name was supposed to be like an oxymoron, because according to the lead singer there is never any crack left over).

    This album has it all from your catchy ska punk, to your serious political-satanic massages, to samples from the movie "don't be a menace to south central while drinking juice in the hood," samples placed their because the band is of the opinion its the best movie ever made.

    Do not miss this band live whatever you do. They always put on a good show and leave you yearning for more. I have a feeling they're gonna be huge because of the way people respont to them and because of the success Choking Victim has recieved.

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