Loved And Hated
Camouflage EP

by Alex Rud
April 12, 2001

File Under: Hardcore
rating: 4.5 out of 5

1)Come To Me 


3)No Sanity 

4)Fucked Up 

5)Double Standard Beauracracy 

6)Too Late 

7)C'Mon Everybody 

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  • Loved And Hated
  • The newest addition to the NYHC family is here. Loved and Hated is compiled of members from other Hc bands such as: Agnostic Front; Jimmy Colletti (vocals and drums on the record)and Rob Kabula(bass), Minor Disturbance; Mike Reese( touring drumer), and from Son of Skam; Larry Nieroda(guitar)

    I was lucky enough to get this gem for free, when AL Barr, from Dropkick Murphys, was throwing about 5 copies into the crowd and I was one of the 5 fortunate people to hear this album first. when I finally got to hear it, it blew me away.

    The "Camouflage E.P." features 7 in-yer-face hardcore tunes that are sure to rock you out of a coma. The only thing that is bad about this is that it only lasts just under 15 minutes, so when its over, you have to press the play button again, so you can satisfy your hardcore craving

    The Camouflage E.P. can be ordered from the bands website It is only 5 bucks(plus 1.80 s/h) and I think it is a well worth it. So go get your hands on this awesome album and see what I'm talking about.

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