Les Savy Vas
Reprobate's Resume/No Sleeves

by Matt Peterson
August 4, 2001

File Under: indie/punk
rating: 3.9 out of 5

1. Reprobate's Resume

2. No Sleeves

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  • X-Mist Records
  • This single features two exclusive songs from the New York band, Les Savy Fav, on the German label, X-Mist Records. These are two good songs, displaying all the components of a good band: good vocals, guitar, bass and drums. It is good music with good lyrics. It is fun and catchy, and I'd love to see this band live.

    There are clearly very good musicians in this indie/punk band. The good production on this record enhances the songs with good noises throughout. The songs have a good, chill, speed to them and good vocals throughout.

    This is a good single by a catchy, promising band. They have interesting good music. They probably put on a very good fun show, which I'd love to see. It is a good sampler single, which makes one, me included, interested in hearing more of their music. I recommend it.

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