Stand Your Ground

by Samuel Barker
June 15, 2001

File Under: Punk
rating: B-

1. Die

2. Downtown

3. Going On The Road

4. Church And State

5. Lazy Sunday

6. My Turn

7. French Quarter

8. Bottles Away

9. Saturday

10. Autumn

11. Two Steps Behind

12. I Hate The Man

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  • Sideonedummy Records
  • Looking and sounding like a band out of the early 80's So-Cal punk scene comes Madcap. This band is as vintage as they come. This album is similar to some of the early Rancid musically and in the band's appearance.

    The album opens with a punk standard, "Die." This is a nice 45 second rocker that gets everyone on their feet but doesn't push it by being too long. This album is dripping with punk history.

    Some of the downfall of the vintage sound is the poor vocal harmonies. The vocalists in the band have a hard time being in key with the song. Punk has never really been about being perfectly in key, so this isn't something that is completely unexpected.

    "Lazy Sunday" is a great track for the jaded youth of today's punk scene. It's a tale about a normal dead day spent running around with friends and being bored. The talk of drinking all day will have all the sXe kids upset, but it's an accurate account of what a lot of kids do today.

    The album closes with a nice ballsy song, "I Hate The Man." First off, it's completely acoustic and secondly, it's sung in spanish for the first 2 verses. If you have even a slight understanding of spanish you can enjoy this song and have fun with it. It's was a brilliant closer.

    This album is currently available from Sideonedummy Records. It's definitely something fun to check out. Don't expect a perfect album or to be completely blown away, just expect some fine punk rock from some jaded kids who have nothing else to do but play their hearts out.

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