Iron Maiden
Brave New World

by Samuel Barker
June 25, 2000

File Under: Old School Metal
rating: A+

1.The Wicker Man

2. Ghost Of The Navigator

3. Brave New World

4. Blood Brothers

5. The Mercentary

6. Dream Of Mirrors

7. The Fallen Angel

8. The Nomad

9. Out Of The Silent Planet

10. The Thin Line Between Love And Hate

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  • Can I get an "AMEN!"? Iron Maiden returns again, and this time Bruce Dickinson is with them. For those of you who are too young to know or remember, Iron Maiden was the greatest metal band in the 80's. Their songs were about scary moments, over coming fears, old folk tales, and not just about groupies and sex like every other metal band. Instead of half naked, silicon breasted groupies, they took a 30 foot corpse named Eddie on the road. They played with precision and power. They shocked people who were a part of the early UK punk scene with their speed and precision, and a view into what a band could do with limitless talent and knowledge. Their songs are fast, and skilled. With amazing releases such as "Powerslave" and "Somewhere In Time", Maiden was riding high, and keeping an edge on metal, long after the testosterone bands were long forgotten. After Dickinson left the band, the sound wasn't the same. The last singer was terrible in comparison to Dickinson, but now the fans that remember the days of glory, Maiden is back and just as good as they were.

    With metal being somewhat acceptable again, Iron Maiden picked a great time to come back full force. Never really breaking up, the band existed in a dormant state for the last few years. But now with Bruce Dickinson back at the helm, Iron Maiden is ready to reclaim it's spot as top metal band in the land. This album Brave New World is mellower than some of the older releases, but the music is just as tight and skilled as it was 15 years ago. The 8 year absence of Dickinson from the band may have helped bring back a fresh feel to the new material. Also returning from a disappearance was Adrian Smith, so the best of Maiden are back to push the band into 2000.

    The album begins with "The Wicker Man". This song is tight, and the vocals are dead on. The song is just as eeiry as the older songs. Tales of impending doom and fear. The hand of death waiting around every turn. "Ghost Of The Navagator" follows right along with the old track "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner", which was adapted from a poem by Samuel Taylor Coolidge. "Brave New World" is a nice insight into a rebirth of the world. "Dream of Mirrors" is my favorite track on the album. You can feel Dickinson's voice, and the guitar work of Gers, Smith, and Murray is supurb. Steve Harris shows he hasn't lost his ability to make some amazing songs. He's a reaslly brilliant song writter and knows how to utilize his band members' skills. "The Nomad" is the second strongest song in my opinion. It brings you back with a nice sound, and strong lyrics.

    The album is 10 tracks, and runs well over an hour which makes this a great buy. The sound of the album is timeless, it meshes so much of the old style metal, classical works, and various other styles of music that you will have no choice but respect the band's ability, and fall in love with the music. Iron Maiden was a pioneer in the late 70's and have been on top of their game for over 30 years. You've got to love the fact that they could stay fresh and continue to progress for that long. UP THE IRONS!

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