Mad Caddies
The Holiday Has Been Cancelled

by Samuel Barker
June 1, 2000

File Under: Hard Ska
rating: D

1. Falling Down

2. Nobody Wins At The Laundromat

3. Something's Wrong At The Playground

4. Destro

5. S.O.S.

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  • The Holiday Has Been Cancelled, the new 5 song EP from The Mad Caddies, is decent album, but lacks a great deal of kick. Some of the songs are really good, but for the most part there is nothing that stands out or catches your ear.

    At times they sound like a weak VooDoo Glow Skulls impression, while other moments they a strong sound. The booklet said it was done on a spur of the moment basis, so I wouldn't put too much stock in this being a good representation of the band. It was recorded in 1 to 2 days and maybe that is why the spark of a good catchy album never emerges.

    Besides all that, the ska elements used in the album have the same over played sound of distorted guitars not even really upstoking with horns to make it resemble ska. The sound quality is good, but the lack of preparation makes the sound in this album weak.

    The song starts with "Falling Down". This actually a damn good song. Hopefully they put it on the next full length to represent it well. The vintage jazz, plunger trumpet sound is sweet, and the lyrics are strong. A nice beginning.

    The next song, "Nobody Wins At The Laundromat" is weak. It's harder, with a wanna-be VGS sound. Nothing too dazzling at all in this one.

    "Something's Wrong At The Playground" has a nice sound. No horns used in this track, which makes all the difference. They band has a fine horn section, but the songs don't help showcase their talent.

    "Destro" is alright too, but like the previous 2 songs lacks any kick. The use of back-up vocals on this as well as "Playground" make these songs enjoyable to hear.

    The album ends with "S.O.S." which is an ABBA cover. I personally dislike ABBA, and felt this cover was better than the original, but no ABBA song is a good song....even when it is a cover.

    This was a decent release for spending a day in the studio, but the album doesn't have a defining moment. If you love the band, you'd probably dig the CD, but if you don't really know or care about the band, spend the money on an earlier full-length release. It's a good taste, but not too representative of the flow of a full-length. Till next time, fight the good fight!

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