Leftover Crack
Mediocre Generica

by Samuel Barker
October 6, 2001

File Under: Punk/Ska/Metal
rating: A-

1. Homeo-apathy

2. Nazi White Trash

3. Atheist Anthem

4. The Good, The Bad, and The Leftover Crack

5. Gay Rude Boys Unite

6. NC

7. Interlude

8. Stop The Insanity

9. Crack City Rockers

10. Burning In Water

11. With The Sickness

12. Born To Die


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  • The remaining members of the defunct political ska-punk band, Choking Victim have returned as Leftover Crack to keep the Crack Rock Steady beat alive and well. Keeping the same core, but changing drummers, LOC has produced a quality release to follow up No Gods, No Managers.

    The name of Leftover Crack's first full length is Mediocre Generica. This title was a great follow up to the original title of the album, Shoot The Kids At School. After printing companies refused to print the artwork and Epitaph refused to go to bat for the band and find another printer, Mediocre Generica was a fitting title to the anti-offensive ideals that rule our society. No one takes responsibility and no one wants to upset anyone.

    Despite all the hoopla surrounding the release of this album it finally made it to shelves on the fateful day of September 11th, another bit of press that overshadowed the album's content. Maybe this album was doomed to be hidden under all the hype, but here we will look at it like it was meant to be looked at; a damn good punk/ska album that will make you think and make you sing along.

    The album opens with the "Homeo-apathy" which begins with a great opening riff that will get metal kids into the sound. This song is nice stab at NYC. In a period where everyone is now looking at NYC as the greatest place on Earth, it's nice to get slapped in the face with some reality, which is the basis of most of the songs on this album…getting slapped by reality.

    Some of the songs are a bit lighter, like "The Good, The Bad, and The Leftover Crack." This song is a funny narrative of a group of people "righting the wrongs and wronging the rights." It's got a definite DK "Police Truck" sound. It's a good song to allow the mind to rest.

    Some of the standout tracks on this CD are: "Gay Rude Boys Unite" which is a tale of how kids in the punk scene are screaming about unity, but still homophobic. You can't really preach selective unity now can you? "Stop The Insanity" is a call for someone to finally put the disgrace of humanity to bed. "Born To Die" is the song that will get everyone in the end. It's got the graceful piano parts and the chaotic guitar driven parts, it's really a great song aurally and also has something to make you think.

    Just for kicks, the band closes out the album with an instrumental version of "Gay Rude Boys Unite," I guess it's a final chance to get kids to think without any new ideas thrown in their face.

    This album covers a lot of sounds, from punk to ska to black metal(Burning In Water). You shouldn't be able to get bored with it at all. It's really a quality album. In a scene that is desperately trying to write Epitaph and all it's bands off as commercial, this will make you think twice.

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