Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Blow In The Wind

by Samuel Barker
March 27, 2001

File Under: Punk Rock Pop Covers
rating: B-

1. Blowin' In The Wind

2. Sloop John B

3. Wild World

4. Who Put The Bomp

5. Elenor

6. My Boyfriend's Back

7. All My Lovin'

8. Stand By Your Man

9. San Francisco

10. I Only Want To Be With You

11. Runaway

12. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

13. Different Drum

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  • Despite having to fight through various member tragedies(see the booklet), Me First And The Gimme Gimmes have come back with a great tour of the 60's pop rock scene with "Blow In The Wind." Combining hits from Del Shannon and the Beach Boys with hits from the Beatles and Bob Dylan, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes find a nice array of music to cover for this album.

    After the previous album of showtune covers, it was unclear where Me First And The Gimme Gimmes would find inspiration for new songs to cover.

    Well, it didn't take long for the guys to reach back to the 60's and find some of the best rock n' roll songs ever written.

    The album begins with Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind." It's interesting to see how this band takes accoustic folk and makes it into some fine punk rock music while staying true to the original song. "Sloop John B," the Beach Boys cover, starts out with a riff just like the Ramones' "Teenage Labotomy." Sticking with the trend of making folk into rock, we have Cat Stevens' "Wild World" which is one of the best rockers on the album.

    We also get some pop oriented music thrown into the mix. "My Boyfriend's Back" is dead on, and sounds hilarious sung by a male. Del Shannon's "Runaway" was great as well, Spike really worked to reach that high whine in the chorus.

    The best moment of the album for me was Tammy Wynett's "Stand By Your Man." It was hilarious to hear this old country song turned into a straight ahead punk song. One of the most interesting things about Me First And The Gimme Gimmes albums is seeing how much a song can change with the right amount of punk thrown in.

    This album is absolutely brilliant. As the promo material says, bands around the world are wondering why they never thought of that. This album is currently available from Fat Wreck and most CD distributors, but as I always say, buy direct from the label, it saves money. I promise you, $10 on this album is a good investment. It's fun, intellegent, and hilarious. Enjoy the show!

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