Morning Glory
This Is No Time Ta Sleep

by Samuel Barker
October 6, 2001

File Under: Punk Rock
rating: B+

1. It'll Get Better/So Ya Wanna Be A Cop?

2. Gang Control (feat. Popeye & Skwert)

3. This Is No Time Ta Sleep

4. Summerburst

5. Return Of Tha Bomb (feat. Spade & Loon)

6. Circle N

7. Long Live Revolution Rock

8. Extraordinary

9. Say Something True

10. The War Is Over

11. War Returns

12. So Ya Wanna Be A Cop? (feat. The Stza)

13. Divide By

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  • Morning Glory
  • Besides playing in Leftover Crack and IN-DK, Ezra has found the time to produce an intellegent solo album with a lot of surprises and some genre splicing that will make you definitely dig the sound. From straight up punk to ska to accoustic folk to hip-hop, it's all on this record. It's a great mix of interesting music and intellegent lyrics.

    The album is written, recorded, produced by Ezra himself with various guest from the Seee-Skquat. The amazing thing about this release is the sound quality. It was recorded by Ezra using an 8-track in his home. You'll really be impressed by the tightness of the sound and the quality of the music.

    The album opens with "It'll Get Better/So Ya Wanna Be A Cop," which is a combo of the two songs. It starts with a nice riff and has a definite upbeat sound. Very pop rock meets punk rock. The vocals are a bit rough, but overall it has a nice feel. The version of "So Ya Wanna Be A Cop" is less aggressive than the version featuring Stza. It's still hard and fast, but the Stza adds a harsher vocal edge. It's definitely one of the best cuts on the record, either version.

    This album borrows a lot of the hip hop feel due to various rap parts, but also due to all of the soundbites and snippets added between songs. "Return Of The Bomb" opens with some great noises and comes in with some hardcore riffs and some strong hip hop vocals. Featuring Spade & Loon, who give some of the best rhymes on the song, this track is definitely one of those that stick in your head.

    Outside of "So Ya Wanna Be A Cop?" my favorite track on the album is "Long Live Revolution Rock." Ezra offers some nice chops on this track and brings the full rock sound into play. The tracks on this album bring a load of ideas that are sure to strike a chord with some of you.

    Ezra has really produced a quality release with This Is No Time Ta Sleep. If you're in the New York area you may get the chance to see a set or two, but if you're not in the area be sure to order your copy through the website It'll definitely be worth the money spent. Quality music is hard to come by these days, but now you have no excuse for not owning at least one good album.

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