Various Artists
Violent World:
A Tribute To The Misfits

by Alex Rud
October 13, 2000

File Under: Punk
rating: 2.0 out of 5


2)Astro Zombies-Pennywise

3)20 Eyes-Shades Apart

4)T.V. Casulties-Tanner

5)Where Eagles Dare-Therapy?

6)London Dungeon-Prong

7)Death Comes Ripping-108

8)Mommy, Can I Out and Kill Tonight-Bouncing Souls

9)Ghouls Night Out-Goldfinger

10)Horror Business-Dead Guy

11)All Hell Breaks Loose-Sick of it All

12)Last Caress-Nofx

13)Earth A.D.-Earth Crisis

14)Return Of the Fly-Farside

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  • The Misfits
  • If there is any band worthy of a tribute, it's the Misfits. This legendary punk band did a lot to the scene and we are greatfull for their deeds. I mean this band even made up a sub-genre of it's own called "Horror Punk". With their songs about b-movies,presidential assassinations, and other subjects that send shivers down your spine. Even after 13 years since they played their last (legendary) show, we remember the band and their music is fresh in our minds, as if they were never gone.

    The bands on this tribute recognise a great band when they see one and decided to put out their own versions of the songs, to "give props" to the legendary band and letting them know that their music will never die in the hearts of the true "Fiends".

    Each band on this tribute varies in genre from hardcore to pop-punk, just to keep things interesting and please not only one set of followers but to people with various tastes in music.

    Like a lot of tributes that I have listened to, only a few bands do a good job in covering the bands songs, while others just mutilate the songs and leave them for dead. This album does just that, it has a few promising covers and the rest (sorry to say) are just crap. Such good covers are from bands like: Sick of it all, Snapcase, Bouncing Souls and a few other bands. Then there are bands that do a downright shitty job on the songs and make you want to break the cd into little pieces and bury the remains. Such covers come from: Goldfinger, Shades Apart, Earth Crisis and a few bands that are not even worth mentioning.

    If you are a Misfits collector and want to get anything by the band that you can get your filthy little hands on then you might want to own this tribute, but if you like origional songs by the Misfits, then I suggest you stay away from this cd and spend your money on a bootleg or something usefull.

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