The Misfits
The Static Age

by Alex Rud
February 6, 2001

File Under: Punk/Oi
rating: 4.4 out of 5

1) Static Age

2) T.V Casualty

3) Some Kinda Hate

4) Last Caress

5) Return of the Fly

6) Hybrid Moments

7) We Are 138

8) Teenagers From Mars

9) Come Back

10) Angelfuck

11) Hollywood Babylon

12) Attitude

13) Bullet

14) Theme for A Jackal

15) She

16 ) Spinal Remains

17) In the Doorway

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  • The Misfits
  • The Misfits, what could be said about them, except the fact that they inspired and influenced 3 generation of fans, although their comeback was a bit disappointing in the eyes of the fans of the "Glenn Danzig years".

    It's a bit over 20 years now since the Misfits first hit the scene and left some serious footprints behind.

    "Static Age" was supposed to be released as the bands first album in 78, it featured an original lineup consisting of: (Glenn Danzig; vox, Jerry Only; bass, Frenche Coma; guitar, and Mr. Jim on the drums). Instead the album only saw light 1 1/2 decades later, when it was released Caroline Records, on the bands "box set" and 2 years after, it was released along with a few numbers that were sitting on the shelf, neglected, for almost 20 years.

    The guys were a very talented bunch. Mercury Records gave them 30 hours of free recording time, that is all that the boys needed. In about 2-3 takes per song and a few trips to the mixing board, the band whipped up and album that still influences millions of fans 2 decades later, not to mention that it's better than most bands do in months, and sometimes years of recording. Now that is talent.

    The songs on the album are still fresh sounding and bands still cover them at shows, such favorites are: "We are 138", "Last Caress"(which the new-school fans remember from Metallicas' "Garage Days Inc." album) and other favorites that still send shivers down my spine every time that I listen to them.

    Pick the album up at your local store and hear the songs that started it all for the legendary "horror-punk" band that we know and love today. Peace!

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