Miss Fortune

by Samuel Barker
April 21, 2001

File Under: Pop/Rock
rating: B

1. Disappear

2. Peek

3. Day Gets Brighter

4. Swim

5. If You Died

6. Antenna

7. Before I Go

8. Tell You Things

9. Art Type

10. Hello, Love

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  • Miss Fortune
  • With a combination of great songwriting, lively music, and strong vocals, Boston's very own Miss Fortune offers up a great release with their self-titled debut.

    From the opening song, "Disappear" you can sense the vibe of the album. It's got a strong pop rock sound, but with some more substance than most things you'd hear on the radio. I had a hard time finding an artist they were similar to because the sound is constantly moving and the moods shift with every track. This is all because of guitarist Jay Barclay's excellent song writing. Barclay writes all the songs on the album except "If You Died" which was written by lead vocalist, Ryan Link.

    This band is destined for a great crossover from college radio to commercial radio. The songs are too well written and the sound is too agreeable not to make some waves. "Day Gets Brighter" is one of the stronger tracks on the record and a sure pleaser to most who hear this album.

    "If You Died" has the potential to be a real hit if this album gets the exposure it deserves. It's a great contribution by Ryan Link, who's vocals are a key part to this album's power. Link has a voice that reminds you of a lot of great rock singers, but it has the power to make it's own path in the rock world.

    The songs have a strong familiarity at times, but all in all the music keeps you on your toes. It has been fun to listen to and it's a great first release for this band. I can see nothing but upside for this band. The songs and talents are too good not to make a splash in the near future.

    You can get the album from the band's website or you can visit their label, What Kinda Records. It will be well worth the price if you like pop rock or if you like smart songs with fun music. This album is definitely worth checking out.

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