Mock Orange
The Record Play

by Samuel Barker
October 20, 2000

File Under: Indie Pop
rating: A-

1. Brake Lights On 

2. She Runs The Ride

3. Slow Song

4. In Even Time

5. Twelve O'clock Call

6. Nothing To Write

7. One Way Letters

8. 3 O'clock

9. The City Call

10. Touch Tone Bell

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  • Mock Orange is a band that you have a hard time really putting into a classification. I'm told they are "Indie Pop" so I will go with that. Whatever this style of music is, I'm growing quite fond of it, and Mock Orange is one of the bands that is to blame for this. They put together songs consisting of a great deal of arpeggiated chords with softer bass-laden bass lines to give a rather enjoyable mix to their songs. The guitars are distorted between overdrive and fuzz so that you get a sorta uneasy sound from them. The music is eclectic but structured well at the same time. It shows that no matter how chaotic something seems there is order in there somewhere.

    The album opens with "Brake Lights On" which is a great example of their sound. It begins with a basic strummed chord and vocals and gives way to a little riff that brings you directly to the electic sounds. There is a great deal going on in the song, and you can't help but enjoy it. "Slow Song" is a much more relaxed song. The activity is still there, but the song is considerably more focused. The arpegiated chords add a nice touch to this song as they do to most of the album. The sound of songs on the album make you listen closely and gives you the rare instance of feeling the mood of the songs strictly from listening. The lyrics are obscure as are the tones of the entire album.

    "Twelve O'clock Call" is my favorit track on the album. It's got a slower feel than most of the tracks, and is layed out nicely. As with most of the songs on the album, the lyrics are vague and leave a great deal to the imagination. It's a wonderful touch which makes each songs mean something different to every listener. "3 O'clock" is one of the more stronger songs on the album. The riffs used on the album are very enjoyable and you are left admiring the sound of the track at it's conclusion.

    This album has spent a great deal of time in my CD player. I enjoyed it a great deal, but I am still left having a hard time describing it. Personally I feel not being able to define the album is an asset. You will be able to get this album from Lobster Records for a reasonable price, and I recommend picking it up. The musicianship is great, as is the songwriting. This is a definite quality album.

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