Mojo Nixon
Whereabouts Unknown

by Samuel Barker
September 20, 2000

File Under: Hard Rock
rating: B-

1. Gotta Be Free

2. Not As Much As Football

3. Mr. Correct

4. Buck Up & Stop Your Whinin'

5. My Free Will Just Ain't Willin'

6. Girlfriend In A Coma

7. The Pleasurelegience

8. Don't Ask Me Why I Drink

9. My TV Is Watchin' Me

10. Take A Look In My Eyes

11. Tie My Pecker To My Leg

12. You Can't Kill Me

13. If I Can Dream 

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  • Mojo Nixon
  • Those who are unaware of Mojo Nixon and his music are missing out on clever, smart, crude humor that will have some covering their ears and others rolling on the floor laughing. Either way, itís hard not to have a response to Mojoís music.

    The opening riff of "The Mess" gets the ball rolling in the right direction. Itís tight and hard. Itís got a great driving feel to it. You can feel the drive in the music. As soon as Steve Miller starts singing, the dam breaks open. You canít help but rock out to these great tunes.

    The album opens with praise to the wonder of surgical penis enlargement, "Gotta Be Free." Itís a wonderful tale of a man having a terrible life in a boring town until he gets his penis enlarged and suddenly "girls come to my house and start rippiní off my clothes." This a song that will have anyone proud to live in a land where anything is possible, as the song states, "This is the greatest country on Earth, because now I have girth."

    Whimsical tracks like this are a plenty on this album, as are political commentaries and various tirades. "You Canít Kill Me" is one of the best thought out Mojo songs ever written. Itís a great reminder that the spirit of rock ní roll will never die no matter how many people try to censor it or destroy itís heroes.

    The album also contains the Mojo mainstay, "Tie My Pecker To My Leg," which is performed at nearly every Mojo Nixon performance. This song is about as crude as you can get, and will have you laughing yourself sick.

    One of the funnier moments of the album is Mojoís rendition of The Smiths' "Girlfriend In A Coma" which Mojo plays perfectly, then proceeds to tear into Morrissey by proclaiming heís the "Anti-Morrissey." Funny stuff.

    Despite having a lot of classics on this album, some of the tracks fall short of the greatness of more Mojo songs. In the end, however, this album is a pleaser and will definitely make you want to listen to it again.

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