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Dreams Of Glory On The Mound

by Samuel Barker
June 20, 2001

File Under: Bluesy Rock
rating: C+

1. Dreams of Glory On the Mound

2. High School Phenom

3. Minor League Star

4. Chin Music

5. Welcome to the Show

6. Dreams of Failure On the Mound

7. Kiss It Goodbye

8. Unconditional Release

9. Last Stand in Japan

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  • As an avid baseball fan myself, I was looking forward to listening to this album from the moment I received it. This album is an accurate story of a person's baseball career from Little League to their finale years of trying to save a career that should be over by playing overseas.

    "Dreams Of Glory On The Mound" starts the CD off. It's really the strongest track on the album and gets you into the story. Moritz's vocals are strong and do a good job of clearly telling you what is happening.

    "Minor League Star" follows in the same vein. Most of this album is bluesy rock that gets your foot tapping. There are some great rock leads on this album.

    "Chin Music" is a little harder than the rest. It's got an old metal edge to it at times. Moritz's vocal effects add to the feel. The musicianship on this track is very tight.

    One of the more intellegent moves on this album was making "Dreams Of Failure On The Mound" the same song as "Dreams Of Glory On The Mound," just slower. The lyrics change of course, but it's a downer version of the upbeat opener. It's a great addition to give it a real concept album feel.

    This album closes with a trip to Japan in "Last Stand In Japan." It's a great way to close the album. It's sad how a lot of people refuse to let go of their past and move on in life. This song portrays the struggle of the character to keep his career alive.

    This album is a great testament to "America's Pastime." Brian does a stellar job of describing every step in the character's life that led to the end. This is definitely a quality release worth listening to.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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