Mr. Once A Day
Punk For The People

by Samuel Barker
August 4, 2001

File Under: Punk
rating: D+

1. Intro

2. Who Shot J.R.

3. Cardell Doesn't Care

4. I'm Poser, You're A Poser

5. Captian Kevin Saves The Day

6. Andreavolution

7. 70%

8. Stargazing

9. She Likes Someone Else

10. Car X9

11. Quitter

12. FHS

13. The Last Song

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  • Mr. Once A Day, a young band out of the Detroit, MI scene, shows some promise on this CD. The vocals are a bit on the nasal side, but for a young punk band, they've got their sound together.

    The sound is something I was pleased with right away, finally, a young band from this period that isn't trying to sound like Blink 182 or The Ataris. It's refreshing to hear young kids try to stay with the old school sounds. The production on this album leaves a lot to be desired, but the music is tight.

    The lyrics are a little more than just songs about lost girls, they actually say something in a lot of their songs which is good to hear. I really enjoyed this album for the raw fun of it. Despite it's various musical shortcomings, it's got character. You can always practice your instruments, but you can't practice character.

    This is a fun album that is available through the band's website. It's definitely something worth buying if you like fun indie-punk bands. If you're from the Detroit area, you should pick it up to support your scene!

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