My Little Ira

by Samuel Barker
May 16, 2001

File Under: Indie Pop, Emo
rating: C+

1. Drama And Torn Dresses

2. Crooked

3. Wallflower

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  • When I received this band's promo kit I wasn't really expecting to hear a good band. There wasn't the normal stack of reviews and self praise that most of the promo packs that independent bands send. All that was in it was a list of colleges the band has played, a short "bio" that really didn't tell much, a picture of the band, and a CD. It was all this band needed to make a good impression.

    This disc is good. The only let down was that it was only 3 songs. The first song, "Drama And Torn Dresses," totally pulled me in. The band came through with a great emo-indie rock vibe. The soft vocals and instrumentation of the verses flowed directly into the faster, harder chorus.

    The next song was "Crooked." This song had a sweet opening riff. The emo-pop sound is dead on with this one. The vocals on these first 2 tracks were great. In this song the vocals are a bit overloaded which added well to the mood. The bass work stood out in this track as well. This was a great step up from the opener.

    The final song on the EP, "Wallflower," started off great. It was really relaxed and was making for a nice mellow end to the album. The vocals let this track down. A one point during the chorus the vocalist's voice gives out. It did it on both choruses so it mayhave been calculated, but it sounded bad. Despite this small problem the album was fun from start to finish. My Little Ira is a band to definitely check out. I had a lot of fun with this album.

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