Nerve Agents

by Alex Rud
October 27, 2000

File Under: Old Hardcore
rating: 4.8 out of 5

1) Carpe Diem

2) Unblossomed

3) The War's Not over

4) Level 4 Outbrake

5) Share the Pain

6) Starting Point

7) Black Sheep

8) I keep screaming

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  • Nerve Agents
  • If you are a fan of such old school hardcore bands, such as Minor Threat and Youth of Today, you will love the Nerve Agents.

    Coming straight out of San Francisco Bay area, this band, who started in 98, has since raised a few eyebrows and got the attention of a lot of the old school hardcore enthusiasts, like myself.

    From the first day I picked up the CD, I was in love with this band. They take the energy of Minor Threat, the lyrics of Op. Ivy and combine something you don't get too much in the hardcore scene, lyrics that are anti-violence. Yes, the Nerve Agents are a "peace-core" band (if you wanna label them that) but don't let that scare you off, their sound has enough energy to send your uncle to the emergency room, from over stimulation of the brain/body.

    Although, this CD doesn't show any evolution in hardcore music, instead it shows you what "real" hardcore is all about. If you are looking for the new sound or want something that is really catchy and light, maybe this band is not what you are looking for, try 7 seconds (or other new school HC band).

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