Self-titled EP

by Samuel Barker
February 25, 2000

File Under: Ska/Hardcore
rating: C+

1. Behind The Mask 

2. Tomorrow 

3. Homelife 

4. Bilk 

5. Theory 

6. Never Fall 

7. Violent World

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  • Nipon
  • The newest release from Detroit's Nipon is a great album. They are a great fusion of punk, ska, and hardcore all in one little powerful nugget. The use of contrasting vocalist is nice too. This album is very impressive. It even features now Suicide Machines drummer, Ryan Vandeberghe, on a few tracks. This album was sold to finance more units being produced, so hopefully more have been produced.

    The opening track "Behind The Mask" gives you Nipon's feel right off. It begins with a hard metal-ish intro, and then kicks into ska. The vocals are great in the album with a nice lyrical structure. It's great mix of many different musical influences. The power keeps kicking through into the track "Homelife" which relaxes with an almost emo-ish sound in the beginning, then kicks into a nice hard riff. This track does some great genre jumps, and the hard as fuck outro is sweet.

    After that track comes "Bilk". I love the guitar tone in the song, combined with the sweet vocal mix. A nice sound. Adding in the outro riff, this is a sweet track. My favorite track on the album is "Theory". It's totally out there. Starts with a sweet solo guitar intro, and kicks into the full sound with a steel drum going mad. With the two separate vocalists, the contrast is nicely displayed between areas of sound. The use of the steel drum is amazing. A totally original sound. A very nice touch to add to a sweet song.

    This album has some very nice moments. Nipon is one of the finest bands emerging out of the fruitful Detroit community. Their fusion of punk, ska, hardcore, and touches of experimetal give them a great sound with many open avenues to explore their musical creativity. I recommend checking out future releases by this band when you get the chance. A fine album from a fine band from a fine city.

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