by Samuel Barker
February 6, 2001

File Under: hard rock, metal, rap
rating: B

1. Mindtrip

2. Victim

3. Endure

4. Back Up

5. What A Day

6. Misled

7. DoubleStakked

8. Orgulla

9. Years

10. Hive

11. Levels

12. Tribute

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  • Nonpoint
  • Seeing that I saw this band before I heard this album, there was the ever present fear of comparing the energy of a band on album to the energy of their live set. This fear was quickly erased after popping in the album. It was strong from start to finish and closed with a great tribute to the band's collective influences.

    The album begins with "Mindtrip", which comes at you fast and hard. The band is very tight which is a sign of how well played and produced Statement is. "Mindtrip" then goes from fast and furious to a more laid back feel. This band does a great job of keeping the tempo changes smooth and seemless. "Victim" is hard from start to finish and gets your head bouncing. The lyrics are also very strong. Nonpoint has a great musical vibe that when combined with the socially conscious lyrics makes for an irresistable mix. "Endure" comes at you with a tight groove, and some sweet vocals. Lead vocalist, Elias Soriano, has a great vocal range and this song gets you too the sweeter side of it.

    The album begins to thrash again with "Back Up". This track is straight-ahead hardcore. The musical range of the songs is wonderful. "Misled" is another good mix of melody and hard as fuck guitar riffs. This band keeps their transitions tight and the music right on track through out the entire disc. "DoubleStakked" is my favorite track on the album. It's a great summary of what this album has in store for you. It's got a sweet groove that gives way to some harder, stronger guitar driven rock. The vocals on this track are strong, and the transitions come off perfectly as usual. The funk/rap groove which closes the track out keeps you totally into the sound. It's fun to guess what this band is going to incorporate into their music next.

    The album closes with two very sweet tracks, "Level" and "Tribute". "Level" has a great opening riff, very jazzy. Similar to Helmet's rendition of "Beautiful Love". The song then explodes with pure power rock, then does a great job of coming back to the jazzy sound to close it. I can't say enough about how well this band combines so many sounds with such smooth transitions. "Tribute" is wonderful. More songs like this should be done. This track is a musical thank you to some of their influence.

    I strongly recommend this album to anyone who likes hard music that has a strong groove. I had fun with this album from start to finish. It was a great embodiment of the energy this band has live. It's fun, fast, and keeps you moving your head. Check this band out when they come through your town, you'll be sorry if you miss them.

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