NY Ska-Jazz Ensemble
Low Blow

by Alex Rud
August 27, 2001

File Under: Ska/Jazz
rating: A

1) Low Blow

2) Jive Samba

3) Pitiful

4) Centrifuge

5) Walkin'

6) Nasty By Nature

7) Teardrops From My Eyes*

8) Gene Ammons

9) Naima

10) Professor Bebop

11) Hawaii

12) Yo' Mama

13) Blow Wind Blow

14) Blue Lunar Ska  

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  • The NY Ska-Jazz Ensemble features some of the best musicians from around the NY area; playing ska, and jazz music. Members of: Scofflaws, Skatalites, Toasters, as well as a bunch of guest musicians, can be found on the great album titled "Low Blow," which is released on the great Moon Ska label.

    The album "Low Blow" starts off with the title track. The song is an instrumental tune, which paves the way for the rest of the album. "Juve Samba" picks up where the first track leaves off. The superb bass -playing is brought to you by Victor Rice.

    "Mr.Pitiful" is the first, and one of the few songs on this album with vocals in them. This track Steve (the singer of Pietasters) sings on the track, and does a very good job at doing so.

    "Nasty By Nature" is one of the more upbeat songs on the album. The song is a straight up skanker, filled with brilliant keyboard playing; done by Carry Brown. Even though the song is upbeat, it still has the same great instrumental playing, that is found on the slower songs.

    "Teardrops From My Eyes" features the beautiful vocals by Caz; from the Checkered Cabs. The song is my favorite by far on this album. When Caz sings, you can't go wrong. "Naima" is a more of a jazzy tune. The song is great to listen to while sippin' a cup of tea, on a rainy day (Haha).

    The album is a really good investment for any music fan, but don't just sit there and read my rents, go and check the band out for yourself. You will thank me later.

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