One Perfect Crime
Angst For The Memories

by Samuel Barker
May 16, 2001

File Under: Punk Rock
rating: C+

1. Today And Tomorrow

2. Decisions

3. Die Today

4. 19 Long Years

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  • One Perfect Crime
  • From the New England town of York, Pennsylvania comes One Perfect Crime. They have a nice blend of straight ahead punk rock and melodic pop. Don't expect Blink-182 pop, this band is hard and true to the genuine punk sound.

    Consisting of only four members, One Perfect Crime puts forth a full sound with a lot of spirit. The opening track, "Today And Tomorrow" is a testament to the bands punk spirit. The songs are straight ahead and don't leave much room silliness. The music is hard and fast, but contains real melodies. It's not just kids beating on guitars, songwriting takes place in this effort.

    "Decisions" has a great stop and go intro with some tight guitar riffs. The bass is strong as it is with the entire EP. The solo on this track is scorching. As with most of the tracks, the structure is well established and the music flows well.

    The album rolls well. The sound continues to be straight ahead with "Die Today." The album then adopts a nice downer sound with "19 Long Years." The intro riff of this song is awesome. It's a great power closer to a solid EP. This is a definite band to check out. Visit their website for more information!

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