The Orange Beauties
Relax With...

by Waqar Jamil
April 19, 2001

File Under: Rock
rating: C+


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  • For my fellow folk fanatics, if folkish rock fits your fancy, then the orange beauties is the band for you!!! Their six song debut on the washroom recordings label is an awesome venture into the folk side of rock. The band plays morose songs such as Cemetary White on the new disk entitled, Relax with orange beauties, without losing the essential rock edge that drives the music forward. The band incorporates grungy riffs, straightfoward lyrics, with melodic folk elements to produce a genuine and unique sound that is at the same time very approachable and personal, as demonstrated in a track entitled Happy Pill.

    There is a soft essence of Jack Kerouac in many of the songs, bur perhaps not as verbose. The lyrics and the music fit each other very well. At times the orange beauties fall into a slow, hypnotic, and mystic beat akin to Mazzy Star.

    Like Mazzy Star, the band assimilates a gloomy mood into their music which is a reflection of the everyday desires and feelings of alienation and longing. The bands melodic folk insight helps them transcend the garage sound that has become so very common to this long lost genre, which the orange beauties so lushly replenish. Some of the songs were reminiscent of Kurt Cobains melancholy version of David Bowies The Man Who Sold The World. This disk is peacefully sombering, and has a vintage folk essence that sets it apart from modern mainstream rock. Though disk is short, I was thoroughly impressed with the production and artistic control with which the songs are performed.

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