Rock And Roll Part Three

by Samuel Barker
August 24, 2001

File Under: Dork Rock
rating: B

1. Domino Effect

2. Apple Trees

3. Shootingstars

4. Natalie Portman

5. The Ups And Downs

6. If I Only Had A Heart

7. Baseball

8. Rocks

9. Battlescars

10. In Search Of 1988

11. Last Dance

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  • I hate to start off a review with saying how a band sounds like another band, but Ozma is the missing twin brother of Weezer. This is far from a bad thing. Those familiar with Weezer know that they have a unique sound that was sure to inspire someone, and Ozma is one of the first bands to show that they were strongly inspired by the band.

    From the opening notes of "Domino Effect," you can hear the similarities. The sound beings with a keyboard/moog driven melody and some great distorted guitars. After hearing this, I no longer wondered why Weezer fans picked them to be their opener on the last tour.

    The album has a strong sound. The guitars sound full, the keyboard work is right on. The mixing of the album makes the music flow perfectly. This album is really a testament to the abilities of everyone involved.

    There are a lot of standout tracks on the album. "Natalie Portman" is one of my favorite tracks, it's a good blend of mellow, dirty guitar laden, heartfelt rock with a twist of power pop rock. The lyrics are pained. "Baseball" has some sweet guitar work. I was instantly drawn to the sound of this track.

    The only downfall of this album is your ability to forget who you're listening to. This album is well produced, well played, and an altogether quality product. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait for a chance to see this band live. If you were disappointed by the new Weezer album, this one will make up for the lack of quality dork rock in your system. It's sweet sounding testament of a style that needs more bands playing it.

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